City of Plummer - Wastewater Upgrades, Water Facility Plan, Funding, QAP

The City of Plummer hired Mountain Waterworks to complete a Water System Facility Plan, a Quality Assurance Report, and Preliminary Engineering Report, Plans and Specs, and to perform construction services for a new mechanical screen at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Additionally, Mountain Waterworks assisted the City in obtaining a $460,000 Emergency Community Assistance Grant through USDA Rural Development.

Mountain Waterworks is currently waiting for IDEQs technical review process to be completed regarding the City’s Water System Facility Plan. Mountain Waterworks will then move forward in assisting the City in making sustainable decisions for the community’s water supply and infrastructure future.

The wastewater treatment facility was funded through USDA Rural Development. Due to the unsanitary nature of the screens, Rural Development highly encouraged the City to install new screens. Mountain Waterworks is currently working with the City and USDA Rural Development to install a new mechanical screen. The new mechanical screen will eliminate the current 4-6 hour daily operations and maintenance and unsanitary conditions associated with the existing static screens.

A Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) for the new wastewater facility was required in the City’s discharge permit. Mountain Waterworks prepared the QAP for the wastewater facility in coordination with the Coeur d'Alene Tribe and the City. Through our proactive planning approach and correspondence with the Tribe, the QAP was completed and approved without hesitation.