Collection System Replacement - Santa, Idaho

  • Replaced all gravity collection system piping, manholes,
    and service lines to the home with new materials.
  • Trenchless technology to minimize construction impacts.
  • Obtained $950,000 in State and Federal funding.
  • Significantly reduced I/I into the system.
  • Lagoons now meet NPDES permit.

The Santa Water and Sewer District owns and operates a sewer collection system and two lift stations. Located on the St. Maries River, Santa had severe inflow and infiltration (I/I) due to root intrusion and the age of their concrete gravity collection system. In addition, many of the individual service lines were leaking due to homeowner installation and rehab with less than desirable construction methods.

Mountain Waterworks planned, designed, and performed construction inspection services to replace all of the collection main pipelines, manholes, and services pipelines in the community. Due to difficult trenching conditions related to shallow rock, repairs consisted of a combination open trench pipe replacement and pipe bursting. The project involved considerable coordination with regulatory agencies through planning, design, and construction. The community now has a completely rehabilitated sewer collection system, including new service lines to each home.  The I/I flows have been significantly reduced lowering pumping costs at both lift stations.