Water and Wastewater Utility Engineering

320-MGD Water Treatment Plant Expansion Staffing Plan

City of Houston, Texas

Mountain Waterworks is assisting the City of Houston’s representative in the operational staffing and budgeting of the City’s expansion of the North East Water Purification Plant (NEWPP) from 80 MGD to 400 MGD. Our firm assessed the existing staffing of the 80 MGD plant in the areas of engineering, plant management, operations, maintenance, asset management, and site management. In addition to developing a staffing and financial plan for the expansion, Mountain Waterworks has proposed workload planning and standard operating procedures to support the training of management and operational staff. At full build-out, the NEWPP is anticipated to have an O&M staff of approximately 100 employees. Mountain Waterworks will assist the City in developing a plan to recruit, train, and organize the required staff to accomplish the proposed project phasing.

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  • Utility Operational Analysis



City of Houston

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