Development Water System Improvements

Hillsdale Estates Owners Association

Hillsdale Estates is a 300-home subdivision of high-end homes valued between $500,000 and $2 million. The water system serving the subdivision is owned and operated by the homeowner association and is regulated by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ). The PWS was in non-compliance with IDEQ due to insufficient source of supply, failing booster pumping systems, inadequate fire protection capacity, lack of an efficient communication and control system. Mountain Waterworks completed an extensive master plan and secured USDA-Rural Development funding to return to the system into compliance.

We provided the following services to Hillsdale Estates:

  • Master planning
  • Water rights analysis
  • Design and regulatory approvals of:
    • 2,500 gpm booster station
    • New 350,000-gallon water storage reservoir
    • New 1.5-MGD well facility
    • New communication and control system


Services Provided

  • Water Engineering

  • Construction Management

  • Utility Operational Analysis

  • Funding and Financial Analysis



Hillsdale Estates

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