Water and Wastewater Utility Engineering

Wastewater Collection System Improvements

City of Worley, Idaho

The City of Worley was suffering from tremendous inflow and infiltration into its sewer collection system, straining operational staff and sewer lift stations. As mandated by the EPA, the City had to complete an evaluation and construction project to remedy the situation and comply with its NPDES permit. After negotiating a compliance schedule with the EPA, Mountain Waterworks led an inflow and infiltration investigation, designed improvements, and managed construction.

Soon after project completion, the City experienced an extreme wet weather event, testing the resiliency of the improvements. Due to the success of the collection system’s rehabilitation, the treatment system saw up to two-thirds reduction of peak inflow. This project was funded by USDA-Rural Development and the US Army Corps of Engineers, allowing for a considerably minimized rate impact to system customers.

Services Provided

  • Wastewater Engineering

  • Construction Management

  • Funding and Financial Analysis



City of Worley

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