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Water & Wastewater On-Call Engineering Services

City of Meridian, Idaho

Meridian is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. To keep up with utility demands, the City’s wastewater and water systems have been expanded and upgraded considerably over the past 20 years. Mountain Waterworks has provided on-call wastewater and water treatment engineering services to the City for over six years, while Principal Engineer Stuart Hurley, P.E. has supported the City’s wastewater needs for over more than 15 years. Our relationship with the City extends from day-to-day operations staff through City leadership. We are a trusted resource to work hand in hand with City staff to understand the problem, develop a solution, and implement a project based on the City’s defined scope and budget.

Mountain Waterworks has completed almost 50 wastewater and water projects for Meridian. These projects range from design of a new 2,000 gpm iron and manganese removal system to preparing an O&M manual for the wastewater treatment facility. Our ability to efficiently execute projects both large and small has proven to be of tremendous value to the City. Our team completed the following projects:

  • Boise River Outfall Pump Station
  • Centrate Modifications Project
  • Headworks Expansion Project
  • Dissolved Air Flotation Thickener Project
  • Liquid Stream Expansion Project
  • Solids Treatment Improvement Project
  • Two Master Planning Documents
  • Wastewater O&M Manual
  • Well 28 Iron and Manganese Removal Project

Services Provided

  • Water Engineering

  • Wastewater Engineering

  • Utility Operational Analysis



City of Meridian

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