Water and Wastewater Utility Engineering

Funding and Financial Analysis

Making water and wastewater projects affordable.

Many water and wastewater systems that lack the user base to affordably invest in capital replacement and rehabilitation projects may be eligible for funding from state, federal, or private sources. Mountain Waterworks investigates system deficiencies and identifies potential sources of funding to return utilities to regulatory compliance. We provide administrative capacity to guide system owners through the complex eligibility, application, and reporting requirements. Our project managers will scope priority projects to any acquired funding and budget with sensitivity to associated funding sources.

Mountain Waterworks champions the American Water Works Association’s approach of cost-based rate-making. We assist utilities in determining the true cost of service, accounting for depreciation and operational expenses and establishing the rates needed to recover those costs. Our objective is always to position the utility to strategically reinvest in required equipment and infrastructure.

Funding and Financial Analysis Services

  • Rate Case Studies and Development
  • Project Funding Eligibility Assessment
  • Utility Budget Analysis
  • Interim Financing