Water and Wastewater Utility Engineering

Wastewater Engineering

Taking the “waste” out of “wastewater.”

Wastewater collection and treatment services are complex, requiring extensive compliance with cross-cutting regulations. The ability to treat wastewater and return it to a safe and usable state is one of the greatest achievements of modern society. The future of wastewater is bright with the increasing capacity of facilities small and large to render it into a resource for continued use.

Mountain Waterworks’ design-build wastewater collection and treatment specialists mitigate owner risk, protect revenue requirements, and optimize operations. We assist utility managers in planning for the future, developing a clear picture of projected capacity, budgeting for depreciation and capital improvements, and educating communities on the true cost of utility service.

We specialize in advanced treatment design, discharge and reuse permitting, construction management, capital and operational cost analysis, and business plan development. Our engineers and professional staff bring decades of experience with environmental remediation, community and contractor coordination, and regulatory agency collaboration.

Wastewater Services

  • Inflow and Infiltration Studies
  • Collection System Repair and Expansion
  • Mechanical and Biological Treatment Design
  • Permit Negotiation
  • Reuse Permitting
  • Utility Operational Assessment
  • Equipment Training