Water Engineering

Water Engineering

Protecting our most valuable resource.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, every day the United States loses 6 billion gallons of drinkable water to broken mains and aging pipes. Many utilities face a stark choice: invest now and plan for major rehabilitation, or replace infrastructure as emergencies arise. Mountain Waterworks assists utility owners and managers to develop financial plans that make planned repairs achievable and cost-effective. We assess the operation and condition of water systems to optimize repairs, focusing on facilities facing the highest probability and consequence of failure.

Mountain Waterworks also helps utilities educate one of the most important stakeholders: water system customers, whose greatest investments are their homes. We work with communities to demonstrate the value of clean water long before it is at risk, while also empowering municipalities and private developers to maintain their investment over the long term.

Water Services

  • Distribution System Analysis, Design, and Construction
  • Drinking Water Treatment Development
  • Surface Water Development
  • Groundwater Development
  • Water Rights Analysis
  • Utility Operational Assessment
  • Equipment Training

“We can no longer afford to defer investment in our nation’s infrastructure.”

“As the water sector faces increasing challenges with water quality and availability, utilities must take a broader view of how they address water, the world’s most valuable resource, and manage water in all its stages.”

“Of all the infrastructure types, water is the most fundamental to life, and is irreplaceable for drinking, cooking, and bathing.”

“...The public can best be provided water services by self-sustaining enterprises that are adequately financed with rates and charges based on sound accounting, engineering, financial, and economic principles.”